Family jewels or bitcoins? Faced with the threat, this victim quickly made his choice!

A (very) embarrassing situation – When it comes to ransomware to be paid in bitcoin, you really don’t expect the hostage to be the victim’s genitals. However, what usually happens to computer hardware has today reached an unfortunate man, threatened by a particularly devious… and perverse hacker.

An X-rated hostage-taking

This gruesome story is told to us by Vice magazine . The unlucky man named Sam Summers was at home when this „problem“ arose.

The individual had placed a modern version of the medieval chastity belt , called Cellmate, on him . Shortly after activating the belt (linked to a smartphone app), Sam received a curious text message , telling him that someone had taken control of his private parts, and that he wanted a ransom of $ 1,000 in BTC. to give him back his… freedom.

Thinking at first being the victim of a joke made by his companion, the latter quickly made him understand that this threat did not come from her. Moreover, his security code (to deactivate the device) was not working .

Stock exchanges or Bitcoin? A question that has become very literal

Despite the shock, Sam fortunately remembered that he had some bitcoins left on an old wallet .

However, after sending the amount requested by the hacker, the latter requested even more bitcoins . Panicked and angry, with the help of his partner, Summers decided to use big means by purchasing a bolt cutter .

After an unsuccessful attempt by his partner, Summers, although frightened, managed to break the infernal apparatus. His attempt still cost him some bleeding, but no scars were to be deplored.

The most amazing? It is because this story has happened to more than one unfortunate one. According to Decrypt , several similar cases were reported at the end of 2020, where hackers demanded 0.02 BTC as a ransom to free the genitals of their victims.

This is said to be due to a security breach in the application of Qiui , the Chinese manufacturer of these torture devices.