FTX Exchange Stages Comeback: Can it Regain Public Trust?

• FTX Exchange has recovered over $7.3 billion in cash and crypto assets, according to a bankruptcy court hearing.
• Plans for the exchange’s possible relaunch are underway with former Head of Institutional Sales proposing a market for trading creditor claims.
• Challenges remain as the exchange attempts to regain public trust and rebuild its reputation.

FTX Exchange Stages a Comeback

FTX Exchange has made an impressive recovery, having retrieved over $7.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency assets during its bankruptcy proceedings. This marks a positive turn of events for the failed exchange, which is now considering a relaunch in Q2 of this year.

Proposal to Revive FTX

Former Head of Institutional Sales at FTX, Zane Tackett, has proposed that the bankrupt exchange should be revived with a market for trading creditors’ claims similar to Bitfinex’s approach. This would involve offering tokens that represent creditor claims in order to provide liquidity for those wanting to sell their claim and allow others the opportunity for a larger payoff.

Challenges Ahead

Executing Tackett’s plan is not without challenges, such as using recovered funds to finance the reboot and potential risks if the relaunched exchange fails again. The success of this revival will depend on whether or not it can regain public trust and rebuild its reputation after all that has happened.

Can FTX Regain Public Trust?

It remains uncertain whether or not FTX can win back customer’s confidence after its financial struggles, especially since there have been many controversies surrounding the brand prior to this incident. It is safe to say that it may take some time before users begin trusting them again.


With billions of dollars recovered from bankruptcy proceedings and plans for possible relaunch underway, it looks like FTX is well on its way towards recovering from its financial woes – although much work needs to be done if they are looking to regain public trust once more.