Justin Sun in Hot Water Over $62 Million TUSD Mystery

• Adam Cochran, a partner at CEHV, accuses Justin Sun of strange and deceptive cryptocurrency dealings.
• Cochran claims that Sun minted $62 million TUSD from his address on Tron, withdrew $50 million in USDT from Huobi, and burned $50 million TUSD.
• Cochran speculates that these funds might be unbacked and accuses Sun of creating TUSD out of thin air and borrowing heavily against assets on Huobi.

Suspicion Surrounds Justin Sun

Adam Cochran, a partner at CEHV and an influential figure in the crypto industry, has launched a fiery accusation against Justin Sun, the founder of Tron. Cochran alleges that Sun has been involved in some strange and seemingly deceptive cryptocurrency dealings that have raised more than just a few eyebrows in the crypto community.

Magic With Minting And Burning

Cochran’s tweets lay out a fascinating trail of Sun’s cryptocurrency transactions that seem to tell a peculiar story. The claim is that Sun’s address on Tron minted $62 million TUSD, which is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Then, Sun allegedly withdrew $50 million in USDT (another stablecoin) from Huobi , a cryptocurrency exchange, and deposited this amount into Bitfinex , another exchange platform. The tale doesn’t stop here. Sun reportedly burned $50 million TUSD, and then moved $50 million USDT and $12 million TUSD into JustLend ,a Tron-based decentralized lending platform.

The Purpose Of These Transactions?

Cochran finds no legitimate reason for the instant minting and burning of TUSD unless the objective was to momentarily inflate the balance for a snapshot or to offset debt. Moreover, he speculates that these funds might be unbacked adding a hint of suspicion to the whole affair. In addition he points out that sun appears to be borrowing heavily against assets on Huobi through JustLend . He further accuses sun of creating tusd out of thin air using huobi an poloniex as personal wallets .

Reaction Of Crypto Community

The reaction among members of the crypto community has been almost exclusively negative with many calling for greater transparency by sun regarding his actions . While there are still unanswered questions concerning this matter its clear that these events have cast doubt over justins abilities as an effective leader within tron .


While it remains unclear what exactly transpired it certainly appears as though something fishy went down . Whether or not any legal ramifications will arise from this situation remain to be seen but its clear that more transparency must be provided if justin sun wants continue being accepted within the crypto community .